Dunmore, Falkirk

The first Dunmore that I would like to discuss is quite close to my own heart. Dunmore, Falkirk is based within the country of Scotland, and it is within driving distance of other important provinces such as Stirling and Falkirk. Dunmore itself is based between Airth and Throsk and can be found along the road of A905. It’s on the bank of the River Forth, making the actual village what can almost be considered a coastal region. The population of Dunmore is a very, very small village. There is only 70 people based within the village itself as according to the United Kingdom Census of 2001. What makes the statistic increasingly interesting is that this is lower than previous Census’. It will be a while until another Census of the United Kingdom is released so I will be interested to find out the total population closer to 2021. It is entirely possible the overall number is even smaller.

Dunmore, Falkirk is based relatively close to the city of Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland. It is 24.8 miles away, which is a small drive from the village. Even more interestingly about Dunmore, is the postcode. The official postcode of Dunmore is “FK2”, which is scared by many different villages around the area. This is a relatively rare site around the United Kingdom, as London alone has over 90. Speaking of which, the city of London is 350 miles away from Dunmore, making it almost a total day worth of a drive away.

Dunmore, Falkirk is very different to the other Dunmore’s around the world for one specific reason. It is the only village called Dunmore that was not originally named after it’s namesake. It had originally been named as the “Elphinstone Pans”. However, the Countess of Dunmore in the 1840’s had actually remodelled the entire village. The village had originally begun as a settlement and was too small to be considered a village. After the local landowner had remodelled the entire settlement into the village it is now known as, it became suitable to house those in the area. It has also turned into a conservation area rather than just a small village.

For such a small village, there is a landmark that is owned by the National Trust of Scotland, which is considered a significant deal for homeowners in the Dunmore area. The landmark is called the “Dunmore Pineapple”. The landmark is known as a folly, which in architecture is a building that is constructed just for the sake of decoration. The Dunmore Pineapple is one of the most famous folly’s in the world because of the pineapple stone carving on the top of the building. This is such a distinctive and unique design that is almost unmatched around the world. The pineapple itself has also made the village of Dunmore relatively famous, as many come to see the Pineapple.

Another thing that I find surprisingly interesting about the village is that someone who is considered notable has come from the village itself. Lionel Wordsworth Hinxman “L. W. Hinxman” was a Scottish geologist that specialised in Scottish mountains. He became a loved figure by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the village of Dunmore has become incredibly proud of him since.

I hope you enjoyed todays post, as Dunmore, Falkirk is very close to my heart. I lived there for a time, and I hope to see the village again as soon as I can. Please check out my previous posts too!

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