Dunmore, Pennsylvania

The next Dunmore that I would like to discuss is Dunmore, Pennsylvania in the United States. This Dunmore is notable for numerous reasons. It is one of the biggest Dunmore’s around the world and is classed as more of a borough than a village because of the overall size. It is based in the Lackawanna County region of Pennsylvania. The borough was originally settled in roughly 1835 and had officially been incorporated at 1862. Due to the vast resources that Dunmore had within the county such as stone, brick, silk and even coal, the overall population of Dunmore had increased from 8,300 + to 23,000+ within the space of half a century. Unfortunately, once those resources had been expended, the population slowly dwindled. As of 2010, the overall population is closer to 14,000. As of 2016, it seems there is an estimate of only 13,187 in total population within Dunmore.

The actual village of Dunmore itself had been one of many villages that had sprang up from the Providence area, and the actual borough was purchased from the natives of the area over time. By 1783, shoemaker William Allsworth had visited the area for finding land for his home. When he had been looking for the land for his new home, he had set up camp on the direct spot Dunmore would eventually be founded. After realising that many other travellers who visited through needed somewhere to stay for rest, Allsworth built his home on the spot. After a few years, the home became a point of interest for many travellers and tourists in the area.

After a few years of Allsworth home being built in the area and travellers visiting the area, a few locals began the labour of clearing the area and plowing the lands of the neighbourhood. This area would eventually be purchased between 1799-1805. Eventually, a tavern would be built within the area that was owned by various patrons, the first of which was Allsworth. After a while, those who purchased the land and built the tavern to begin with would eventually be those who ran the tavern. The true appeal of Dunmore within this period was not the tavern, but rather the possible agricultural possibilities that was brought by the land. Many began to settle within the area for the possibilities that the land had brought. This had been when Orlo Hamlin, the first physician of Dunmore had settled within the area. This is roughly when the value of the area and the total population began to boom. This was compounded by the saw and grist mill built in 1820.

Eventually, the first village that had sprouted was dissolved, and the land had been split to form several boroughs and towns within the area. Dunmore was one of those boroughs. Dunmore is now bordering the city of Scranton, which has become mainly famous by the TV show “The Office U.S”. What is less surprising, is that the borough of Dunmore had been named after the very famous and much loved (by me) village of Dunmore, Falkirk. The actual borough of Dunmore is much larger than the original village of Dunmore in Scotland. The actual borough itself has a total area of 9 square mils and 98.9% of the total area is pure land mass. The remaining percentage of the area is filled with water. The percentage of water within the borough flows from the Roaring Brook.

Finally, there are numerous notable people that either lived within the Dunmore area, or were born within the area itself. One of these notable people is Joe Mooney, who is a hall of fame baseball groundskeeper. He was loved within the Boston area for his work specifically with the Red Sox. Another notable but sadder inclusion of notable people from the Dunmore area is Carol Ann Drazba, who was unfortunately the first American nurse within the Vietnam War to be killed during wartime. Carol was only 23 at the time, but she was a hero for her age. Other notable people include Vic Delmore and Nestor Chylak, who were both Major League Baseball umpires.

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