Dunmore, Virginia

Although this is cheating a little bit, I wanted the next post to be about Shenandoah County, in Virginia. Although you may be thinking that it has nothing to do with Dunmore, you would be surprisingly wrong. This county used to be referred to as “Dunmore County”, and we can only be sorry for them for losing such a great name! The county of Dunmore in Virginia is bigger than the one in Pennsylvania, and as of 2010 the estimated population is nearly 42,000. What makes this number slightly more enjoyable however, is the county seat. The county seat of Dunmore is actually Woodstock, which is famous for the large parties in the 1960’s!

The history behind Dunmore county is as impressive as it is horrifying. Originally the land was possessed by the Senedos, who were thought to have been the occupants of the land first. They were a native American tribe who had ties to many areas around that land. However, at some point within the 17th Century it is said that the Catawba tribe had slaughtered all Senedos within the area and claiming the land for themselves. That is why it is thought the name of the valley and the new county name had come from the tribe itself. However, it is also said that at one-point George Washington while he was still just a general had named it after an Oneida chief from New York called John Skenandoa, who helped him gain support of various tribes during the Revolutionary war.

After a few years, it is said that the colonial Governor Gooch had purchased the land from the Six Nations by the Treaty of Lancaster in 1744. This had meant the official owners of the land itself were controlled by the new colonies. The colonisation period from Europe had already begun by this time. The county itself was first named the Shenandoah County, and it had been officially established in 1772. The reason it had been called Dunmore Country was due to John Murray, the Governor of Virginia. He had been the 4th Earl of Dunmore, and Woodstock became the County Seat for the area. Dunmore was the last official Governor that had been appointed by the Royals, so by the time the American revolution had begun, John Murray had been pushed out of office. That is why the county itself was renamed by the rebels by the time the land became official.

What is surprising about the area Dunmore County is the demographic of those who are living within the area as of 2010. Most of the demographic is White, making up a total of 93% of the Population. 6.1% of the population within the County are Hispanic or Latino, and numerous other minorities make up the difference. This is a small number when considering the melting pot, the world has become. However, of the 93% that are white, only 26.4% consider themselves as American. The rest consider themselves German, English or Irish due to ancestry. I find this statistic interesting, as there are not many places within America that so many white inhabitants would class themselves as something other than American.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post. While I had been a little flexible with the truth, I still find the county very interesting. I hope you enjoyed todays post, so make sure to stay tuned for more in the future! If you haven’t already, please check out some of my previous posts too!

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