Dunmore is something that is very close to my heart because I was originally born within a village named Dunmore. For the sake of my own anonymity, I do not wish to disclose where I was born. However, as someone who is a simple town boy, I feel like any village or county that is named after a Dunmore is my own home. I feel like I have a home in nearly every continent in the world thanks to Dunmore being such a popular name. This may not make sense to people who were born within a city and are used to travelling, but for those who were born in a very small village and knew every aspect of every building, and even knew everyone who lived and worked in any building and even their ancestors, you would realise how close you would feel for that village. I like to think that deep down, no matter what Dunmore you are originally from throughout the world, you are always connected to one of the other Dunmore and you are always family.

Thanks to my village life, I have been able to greatly appreciate buildings of all shapes and sizes. Architecture is something that really interests and intrigues me, as I am only used to small buildings with the same shapes and designs. When I first left the village of Dunmore, it was to go to university in London. If you have ever been to London, you would notice just how many amazing buildings there are within the city. There are the obvious buildings such as the Tower of London and Westminster Palace, but then there are other buildings that really stand out for different buildings. Although the ones I already mentioned are obviously beautiful and amazing, when you look at them you can truly see the history behind them. That is why other, newer buildings such as the famous Gerkhin and the Shard are such marvels when it comes to buildings and design.

When I was a bit older and I finished my study in university, I eventually went to apprentice on a building site in Manchester. I first got my big break within the company of Manchester builders who took me on and treated me wonderfully. They really took to me and allowed me to be part of their team, and I immediately started learning from them. I took such an interest in buildings that I decided I wanted it to be part of my career path. I decided that I wanted to create these buildings myself that one day someone like me when I was younger would look at with marvel. I wanted to really place my own mark within this world, and I felt taking part on the construction of such beautiful buildings would be the way I really wanted to do it.

I have taken great interest in buildings and one day I want to become an architect. Eventually I want to be able to build my own Dunmore village with a complete influence on a contemporary design style. I want to create a village that looks like it was made 100 years from now, rather than 200 years from the past. This is my dream, and one day I want to be a master builder who can really achieve things in this world.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post today. I just wanted to detail how much I love buildings. I hope you have read some of the blog posts I have created in the past. I also hope that you follow me in the future where I detail just how I will create my own Dunmore. For now, I will continue to work in Manchester and learn the trade more than I am now. Speak soon!

Dunmore, Falkirk

The first Dunmore that I would like to discuss is quite close to my own heart. Dunmore, Falkirk is based within the country of Scotland, and it is within driving distance of other important provinces such as Stirling and Falkirk. Dunmore itself is based between Airth and Throsk and can be found along the road of A905. It’s on the bank of the River Forth, making the actual village what can almost be considered a coastal region. The population of Dunmore is a very, very small village. There is only 70 people based within the village itself as according to the United Kingdom Census of 2001. What makes the statistic increasingly interesting is that this is lower than previous Census’. It will be a while until another Census of the United Kingdom is released so I will be interested to find out the total population closer to 2021. It is entirely possible the overall number is even smaller.

Dunmore, Falkirk is based relatively close to the city of Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland. It is 24.8 miles away, which is a small drive from the village. Even more interestingly about Dunmore, is the postcode. The official postcode of Dunmore is “FK2”, which is scared by many different villages around the area. This is a relatively rare site around the United Kingdom, as London alone has over 90. Speaking of which, the city of London is 350 miles away from Dunmore, making it almost a total day worth of a drive away.

Dunmore, Falkirk is very different to the other Dunmore’s around the world for one specific reason. It is the only village called Dunmore that was not originally named after it’s namesake. It had originally been named as the “Elphinstone Pans”. However, the Countess of Dunmore in the 1840’s had actually remodelled the entire village. The village had originally begun as a settlement and was too small to be considered a village. After the local landowner had remodelled the entire settlement into the village it is now known as, it became suitable to house those in the area. It has also turned into a conservation area rather than just a small village.

For such a small village, there is a landmark that is owned by the National Trust of Scotland, which is considered a significant deal for homeowners in the Dunmore area. The landmark is called the “Dunmore Pineapple”. The landmark is known as a folly, which in architecture is a building that is constructed just for the sake of decoration. The Dunmore Pineapple is one of the most famous folly’s in the world because of the pineapple stone carving on the top of the building. This is such a distinctive and unique design that is almost unmatched around the world. The pineapple itself has also made the village of Dunmore relatively famous, as many come to see the Pineapple.

Another thing that I find surprisingly interesting about the village is that someone who is considered notable has come from the village itself. Lionel Wordsworth Hinxman “L. W. Hinxman” was a Scottish geologist that specialised in Scottish mountains. He became a loved figure by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the village of Dunmore has become incredibly proud of him since.

I hope you enjoyed todays post, as Dunmore, Falkirk is very close to my heart. I lived there for a time, and I hope to see the village again as soon as I can. Please check out my previous posts too!

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The Beauty of Dunmore!

Dunmore has a lot of meaning for those within England, from family names and decedents to the very meaningful town otherwise known as “great fort”. Dunmore, Falkirk is a small town in the United Kingdom, and has a total amount of 79 people within the population. This makes it one of the smallest villages within the entirety of the United Kingdom. However, it is also an amazing town filled with many landmarks and beauties. There are also many other towns around the world with the name of Dunmore, such as within the United States, Ireland, Australia, Scotland, Canada and even the Bahamas. In this blog, I want to discuss some of the many towns named Dunmore within the world.

One of the many beautiful aspects of smaller villages or towns around the world named Dunmore are the buildings within the area. Many have the common building type of cottages or hamlets, based on the designs of homes when the areas were first populated. It is very common for older villages to keep the same building styles as when they were first established for the sake of continuity and general aesthetics. Throughout the years, these smaller villages were often built around older and antiquated planning and architectural systems, and because there is such a great pride for the history of the villages themselves, there is little need for change. Many of the buildings within these villages are also old because apart from natural weather effects, there is little effecting the structural integrity of the buildings themselves. All they require is simple upkeep every few years to ensure that the building will run optimally.

I also find it personally interesting as I am someone from one of these smaller towns. I come from a Dunmore, and the “insignificance” the villages are considered to have is not actually accurate. These villages have homed hundreds of people throughout history and are some of the oldest populated areas in these countries. Although that does not sound very interesting to some, I find it interesting because I personally believe the place I am from is a part of my own personal history. Whenever I visit the Dunmore within the United Kingdom, I am filled with great pride and happiness that such a small community has managed to survive and thrive for such a long time within history without having been affected by the politics and businesses of the outside world to a severe extent. As an architect, I am also happy because it means that I get to take full advantage of that pride when visiting my home.

I also find it slightly interesting that there are so many villages around the world with the name “Dunmore”. I assume it is partially due to the colonisation periods, where many cities and towns around the world would be named after or influenced by towns and hamlets within the United Kingdom. Considering that all the villages named Dunmore are within the counties that England had colonised throughout that era, it would make sense that the influence was from the England Dunmore. This is repeated with many cities around the world. A good example of this would be “New York” in America, clearly named after the city of York in England. Another would be Manchester, which has become famous by the film “Manchester by the sea”. These villages are built with an influence of “home” in mind, and over time while the rest of the world had moved on, Dunmore villages around the world had continued to stay the same. Although this may be a subject that people cannot make much sense of interest, I still think that the history of our world is an amazing subject that would continue to be relevant and interesting throughout time. Villages like Dunmore make a key part of this history, which can be known as the “overlooked” part of history itself. Many people forget that these long-standing towns exist, but they do, and the buildings themselves have yet to fall.

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